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We know why most people fail when they decide to look for work at home.  There are several reasons actually.  The biggest reason is that they cannot find any legitimate businesses that teach them what to do.  There are hundreds of legitimate businesses out there, but most of them are poorly written and hard for people to understand.

The businesses we list, will teach you, through both video and text, exactly how to go about setting up your new home business.  Also, for those of you that are here looking for a home job, we recommend a company that is the best of the best, to help you with that.

That brings us to the next reason why people fail, when trying to work from home. We said that there were hundreds of legitimate opportunities right? That means there are thousands of opportunities that are worthless or complete rip offs.  Let me tell you how we define a rip off:

Rip Off:  We define a rip off as spending your money and getting nothing.  To be more clear, a rip off is not when you buy something and don't use it, or when you buy something and it isn't explained perfectly. 

Problem is, most people get motivated to try something, buy it, then let it collect dust.  How would I know?  Well, I have not one, but two copies of Carlton Sheets "No Money Down Real Estate" programs to prove it!   Yeah, that is pretty funny.  I bought the second one, because it was supposed to be easier.... the point is, I never used either one, so I can't be mad at him.

Therefore, to sum up what I said, a rip off is getting nothing for your money.  If you choose not to use a program, it is not a rip off.

That brings me to my final point.  The third reason why most people fail, when trying to begin working from home, is because they lose motivation.  It takes extraordinary motivation to be your own boss, and work from your home.  After all, you have no boss to make sure you are staying on task.  You also have all of the distractions at home, such as:  TV, movies, a pool (maybe) and many others.  I started all of this out of my home, so I understand.  I fell victim to a TV show, my pool, and golf, just to name a few.  I just had to make a choice on a daily basis to work.  After you do that for a while, it becomes a habit.

In closing, we developed this site as a way for you to find a legitimate business to start, and to offer you helpful tips.  We have already helped thousands of people, and our goal is to help thousands more.

Please enjoy our web site and we wish you success in your new home business or home job.
Our mission statement:

To provide the very best education, and information for our
clients, so that they can make an informed decision.  As a result of our information and education, we will increase the odds of our clients success.  We will put the businesses that we list on this site, through a strict audit process to determine if they are right for our clients.
Above is a graph on the percentage of programs found online today.

No wonder it is next to impossible to find anything online that works.  You have a 96% chance of buying a program that won't work, has outdated information, has no information, or is not explained well.

You only have a 4% chance of finding a great program, that has everything you need to be successful.

We focus our efforts recommending the 4%, that are so hard to find online today.
Bidz, Inc.