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How do we make sure the small number of businesses we recommend have the highest potential to work for you?  Here is how:

There are a few factors that we look for, before we list a business on our site. Below, we will list the criteria that the businesses have to have.

1. An actual business model/plan
  • First and foremost, we make sure it something that it is a real, legitimate way to earn money.  Does it, or will it, actually make someone money? That is very important.  To find this out, we either try what they are teaching ourselves, or we have had success with their methods already.

2. Organized and well explained
  • This is also very important.  If it is not organized or explained well, it is of no use to you.  We also look for businesses that can teach it to you on  a level you can understand.  Most people that are just starting out, do not have a lot of previous education on any of this.  Most times, although not required, we look for videos tutorials.  Making sure that most people can understand it, is important.

3. Customer support
  • Is there customer support for you after you purchase?  That is very important too.  Any business listed on our site, has to have customer support and/or help once you purchase their program.  We are not as concerned about help before you purchase.  We understand that companies receive up to thousands of emails a day, with questions about their program.  Most of the time, they do not have the manpower to answer the initial questions about their program.  If someone does not purchase due to that, that is the companies prerogative.  We do require them to have customer support once the customer purchases their course/program.

4. Keep their program updated
  • A lot of things change over time.  Due to this, we make sure that we recommend programs that keep their information current.  This is important on keeping you aware of changes, that may affect your business.

The four requirements above, make sure we keep the programs we list on our site of the highest quality.  This is important to our clients, and is the reason why they achieve success. 

To look over our recommended businesses now, please click on one of the links below.
Below is a list of businesses we do not accept or recommend on this web site.

Envelope stuffing
  • You cannot make money stuffing envelopes.  The sooner people realize this, and stop paying these people, the sooner they will go away.

Chain letters
  • These don't work, and they are illegal. You are not exchanging anything other than your money.

Pyramid Schemes
  • Similar to chain letter, a pyramid is when people pay the people above them, without the exchange of a product or service.

Ponzi Schemes
  • Everyone has heard of Bernard Madoff. He had the biggest ponzi scheme ever.  It is when you pay for something, and the something makes no money. However,  you are paid only by other people's money that sign up. Eventually, the money runs out.

Rebate Processing
  • There is no rebate processing here. You are just offering people products for a discount.  Selling other peoples products is a great way to earn a living, but we feel that telling people they will be processing rebates is a deceptive way to go about getting them to join.

Multi Level Marketing
  • In a nutshell, you buy products and sell them to people.  You don't really make much until you sign up other people under you.  Once you have signed up others, you are also paid on their sales as well.  This is not illegal but we are just not fans of it.
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