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Let's talk about the most frequent question clients have about home businesses and home jobs.

Question: Is it even possible to work from home, or are all of the programs just scams?
Answer: We absolutely understand this question.  Here is the answer:  Yes, it is possible to work from home.  The reason why most believe that everything is a scam, is because the majority of programs out there are junk.  Here are the three things you will run into, when searching online for programs to make money from home:

  • Worthless Programs
  • Confusing Programs
  • Great Programs

As you will see in the pie graph to the right, the percentages of the different quality of programs are as follows:  worthless programs 58%, confusing programs 38%, and great programs 4%. 

Based on what we have found, you can understand why it is so hard to find the great programs.  This is because they only make up 4% of the total programs online!  The other 96% are either worthless, or are too confusing to understand.  It is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

That is why we are so focused on recommending the 4% that are great and work as promised.

Question: What is the difference between a home business and a home job?
Answer: There is a big difference.  A home business is your business.  You are the boss, you set your own hours, and are responsible for what happens.  You are in charge.  Also, a home business allows you the potential to make more money.

For example, the graph below shows what our clients make with their home business verses those who choose a home job:
Above, is a graph on the percentage of programs found online today.

No wonder it is next to impossible to find anything online that works. You have a 96% chance of buying a program that won't work, has outdated information, has no information, or is not explained well.

You only have a 4% chance of finding a great program that has everything you need to be successful.

We focus our efforts recommending the 4% that are so hard to find online today.
A home job is the opposite.  You complete tasks for a company and they pay you.  This could be a variety of different tasks.  You can learn more about both of these categories by visiting the different sections of our site, Best Home Businesses and Best Home Jobs.

Question: Do you stand behind your recommendations?
Answer: Yes we do.  If you are unhappy with any of these programs that we recommend, we will help you get a full refund.  Please understand that we cannot refund you the money because we did not charge you.  However, we will work with these companies to help you.  The few people that have ever requested a refund, received it.  This is why it is nothing that we worry about, and also one of the reasons why we recommend them to you.

Question: Once I purchase one of these programs, will I need to spend additional money?
Answer: All of the home business programs we list here have a way for you to implement their steps, with no additional money out of your pocket!   They have all of the educational and training materials you need, for you to set up with no more expense.  They also offer additional services, that you may or may not choose to use, to help you further.  These services are extra, but not necessary for you to earn money.   There are also no additional fee's if you choose a home job instead of a home business.

Question: I am new to all of this, which one should I choose?
Answer: You can choose a home business or a home job.  It doesn't matter if you are new to any of this.  All of the programs we recommend are taught in a way that beginners can understand. Therefore, you can choose a home business or a home job.  You set your hours with either one.  It is ultimately up to you.

Question: Do they all offer a money back guarantee?
Answer: Yes.  Every program recommended by us offer a money back guarantee. It is one of our requirements to list them on our web site.

Question: Any advice that will help me succeed?
Answer: Absolutely!  We have some very simple advice for you.  During our audit of all of the programs listed, we had success using them.  This is because we followed their steps to the letter.  You really need to make sure you do what they say.  Secondly, our experience has shown that you need to stay motivated.  That is one of the biggest challenges for people.  Try putting a picture of something you want on your computer somewhere. Is it a new car?  A new house?  A vacation somewhere?  Whatever it may be, find a picture and put it somewhere where you can't avoid looking at it often.

Question: If I have questions, can I contact you guys?
Answer: You can always contact us.  However, that is not the most efficient use of your time.  If you have questions regarding a program after you purchase it, you should email the company you purchased it from.  They all have a support team that is dedicated to answering your specific questions about their program.

Question: How does your site make money?
Answer: We are paid by the advertisements on our site, and as an affiliate by the companies we recommend.  This does not mean that we recommend them BECAUSE they pay us for the referral.  There are a lot of companies that would pay us more, but they offer garbage.  We choose not to recommend bad programs, and only good ones.  We would make more money offering junk programs, but again, we choose not to.  To learn about what we require before we recommend them, click here.

If you have any other questions not addresses here, please visit our contact page.