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into paying him to take down his dirty posts.  Currently 28 Attorney Generals, and 17 Federal Prosecutors throughout the U.S., are pursuing Ed Magedson and the rip off report.  Known to draft court service notices since 1992 (long before he started this extortion operation), rewards of up to $50,000 have been offered for his whereabouts.  If you do a key word search under “Ed Magedson” you will see his shady past.

However, the legitimate companies are not paying.  Currently, there are almost 100 court cases pending against Ed Magedson – including a judgement against ED for Ten Million Dollars - under the courts of Nevis, where he has hosted his websites in the past.

Ed Magedson and the Rip Off Report EXPOSED in a WSVN Fox News Television Report!

USA Today issues warning that bloggers are inaccurate forms of information.

The tide is turning.  A group of more than 130 companies have joined together in a class action law suit, and are leading the charge against RIP OFF REPORT, Ed Magedson, and his group of strong armed criminals.  Instead of each company having to fight the battle alone, the class action law suit has organized many companies, and individuals including:  Walmart, Verizon Wireless, Pizza Hut, and more, who have been targeted by this extortion operation.

News 1-23-06


DEFENDANTS:  Ed Magedson, Xcentric Ventures, LLC, Ripoffreport.com, Bad Business Bureau.com

“IT IS SO ORDERED. Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction are denied.”

January 18, 2006, Charles R. Norgle, District Judge

This decision by a Federal Judge clears the way for businesses, that have been the target of Rip Off Report, Ed Magedson’s extortion racket, to sue, shut down, and jail Ed Magedson, and his collaborators.

Facts in Evidence:

“Visitors must register with Sites, by providing identifying information such as name, email, and street address in order to post comments. Defendants sell this information to law firms seeking to file class action lawsuits against companies.  In addition, discovery has revealed that Defendants sought to enter into a business relationship with the law firm of…, which holds itself out as a firm, which ‘prosecutes class actions throughout the United States...’.  Defendants proposed to refer clients to this firm, and attempted to negotiate a fee of $800,000 per year for this service.  Defendants referred clients' (information) to one of these (law) firms and actively solicited the business of another.”

In one case, the website (Rip off Report) posted more than 110 “complaints” from consumers.  Investigation proved that only 11 of these postings were actually from customers.  The balance, of 99 reports, was made-up by members of the Rip Off Report staff.
RIP OFF REPORT owner Ed Magedson charged with RICO - Racketeering in Phoenix Federal 04/04/2006

Article Source: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=11587

Racketeering Charges Filed!  Conspiracy and Racketeering (RICO) proceedings, as well as claims for defamation and invasion of privacy are being issued against Ed Magedson, owner or RIP OFF REPORT and Bad Business Bureau - under a Federal Court in Phoenix Arizona.  The warrant has been issued against Rip Off Report, Bad Business Bureau - owner Ed Magedson for the operation including the sites: ripoffreport.com, badbusinessbureau.com, and a number of countless other “consumer advocate” sites being orchestrated by the extortion consortium.  Ed Magedson operates his illegal extortion scam under the guise of “consumer advocacy” sites - to force innocent companies