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If you want to make cash at home taking surveys and/or participating in focus groups, we have a great choice for you.

Surveys have been around for a long time, and are becoming more popular for businesses.  Why, you ask?  Well, quite simply, they want to know how to better sell consumers their products.

It makes good business sense to find out how to take care of their customers better, and what they can do different.  All this, is an attempt for them to better understand the ever-changing consumer.

They need to understand what customers want.  They all know that you have multiple choices on what to buy, and where to purchase your product. Sometimes, the products are similar, or even identical.  Therefore, the only other variable, is customer service.  What can they do different?

They need to know this.  Every major company on the planet, has some type of survey system in place.  Take Wal-Mart for example;  I can't even pay for my products, until I choose how clean the store was, or if my cashier friendly.  I have to laugh though, because my cashier is never friendly!

These companies spend  millions of dollars, trying to get input on what to do, how to treat you, how to sell you, and how to better take care of you after the sale, so that you will buy from them again.  They want you to become a repeat customer!

This is the reason why people have been able to earn money, from their home, taking surveys.  It is a service that is here to stay.

There are many companies out there, that have a list of surveys that you can complete from your home.  Some are ok, some are horrible, and a few are great. 

The biggest problem with most survey brokers is that they don't have a good list of surveys to take.  Their lists are cluttered with things that you need to sign up for.  Also, they don't have any surveys that actually pay you cash.  They just issue you credits or points for your time.

With the survey company that we recommend, they have a great list of surveys for you to take, that pay you money (by check).

In conclusion, you can make money from home taking surveys.  The amount of money that you make, is dependant upon how many you complete. The longer ones that require more time, pay more than the shorter ones.

The companies that we recommend below, Classified Surveys and New Edge Surveys, have huge lists of survey companies and focus group companies.  If you are serious about making money from home taking surveys, and offering your opinion, sign up with them today!
Key Features:
  • Huge List of Companies
  • Paid Cash, Not Points
  • Highest Paying Surveys Available
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Proven and Established Program
  • Six Free Bonuses With Membership
Classified Surveys is unrivaled with the quality of their site!  Unlike most of their competition, they offer surveys that pay you real money for your time.

They are consistently updating their database to provide you with only the best, and highest paying surveys found on the Internet.

With their user-friendly interface, anyone can participate, regardless of your computer skills.  Everyone is welcome to join.  These companies need your opinion!

Upon becoming a member, you will be rewarded with 6 FREE bonuses, that everyone can take advantage of.

Worried you might be unsatisfied?  They have an eight week money back guarantee!
New Edge Surveys is one of only a few survey sites that actually pay you cash, not points or credits, that seem impossible to redeem.  Getting paid for your time is how it should be.

With membership, you will receive several free bonuses.  These include Get Paid to Shop, Get Paid to Read, Get Paid to Drive, and others.  Not only will you get paid with their surveys, but they teach you how to get paid doing other things as well.

New Edge definitely had the beginner in mind when designing their site.  Anyone can navigate their user friendly site!

As like Classified Surveys, they too have an eight week money back guarantee!
Key Features:
  • Largest List Of Surveys on the Internet
  • Real Cash Surveys, No Credits or Points
  • Great Customer Support
  • Newly Revised
  • Free Bonuses With Membership